Ramel Family Farms

About Us

Ramel Family Farms is a family owned and operated indoor agricultural farm with the goal of improving the quality and trust of insect-based products as a food source and fertilizer, while promoting forward-thinking business practices and supporting the development of a thriving rural economy. The “mini-livestock” industry is still relatively nascent in North America, but offers several possible solutions to some of society’s most pressing problems, including climate change, limited access to healthy and sustainable foods, and struggling rural economies.

The core function of Ramel Family Farm’s operations will be in the production of crickets and mealworms for their sustainable protein source, as well as to harvest their frass for use as an organic fertilizer and insect repellant. Using empirically based production techniques, we will provide a professional and verifiable alternative to a North American insect market that is largely dominated by hobbyists.

Our Team

Greenhouse Production Manager

Business Manager

Mushroom Production Manager

Production beginning Q1 2022

For general inquiries or information regarding partnerships please contact us:

Email: info@ramelfarms.com

Armex Plaza
1002 Armex Plaza
Raton, NM 87740

Santa Fe Traders Building
100 S 2nd St.
Raton, NM 87740

Danielson Dry Goods Building
135 E Main St.
Trinidad, CO 81082